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Hospital Plan Quotes

With healthcare in South Africa being so expensive, it is always best to have a medical aid or hospital plan. The difference between the two is that hospital plans normally don’t cover everyday expenses such as GP visits, dentistry etc, but rather covers your stay in the hospital. Recently, a new type of plan has been introduced, called a H.E.L.P. plan. This is a plan that pays in the event that you are hospitalized, but where a hospital plan pays out directly to the health facility, a H.E.L.P plan will pay you a fixed amount directly. This payout doesn’t have to be used for your medical bills, but can be used for anything you want.  Of course, the monthly premiums for hospital plans and H.E.L.P. plans are much cheaper than medical aid, basically because they offer a lot less benefits.

To learn more about hospital plans, visit this South African website for more information about this topic.

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