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BrightRock Life Insurance

  • Life insurance is essential to have in today’s life – especially if you are the breadwinner in your family. The day you pass away, you want your loved ones to have some source of income, as you will not be able to provide for them anymore. Luckily, life insurance policies are available for precisely this reason! The only problem is, there are currently so many life insurance companies in South Africa, where would you start? You can read up on every life insurance company, or you can ask a financial broker to give you the best advice. Here is more information about Brightrock:

    Unlike other life insurance companies, BrightRock offers policies that will change with your lifestyle. They do not have pre-determined bundled packages; you have the flexibility to get coverage that fits your current financial needs. This will enable you to save more in the long run – 40% more cover for every premium rand, according to BrightRock!

    Options you have when getting a BrightRock Life Cover Policy:

    1. Your policy can be paid out on a monthly basis or as a lump-sum – this option can even be changed at the time of your claim!
    2. The flexibility to choose the duration of your cover.
    3. How your premiums and cover will grow with time.
    4. The option to change your coverage at any point in time.
    5. You can convert your premiums to other financial or insurance events when no longer needed.
    6. The ability to get extra cover at any moment.

    If you need more information about this policy, visit BrightRock.co.za, request a quote or speak to a broker.



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