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WesBank Car Insurance

  • It is no secret that car insurance is becoming a necessity today with all the vehicle theft and hijackings in South Africa. WesBank offers the perfect cover to give you peace of mind.

    About WesBank

    WesBank is a division of First Rand Limited. They have been providing financial services to South African citizens for 40+ years now, which makes them a trusted and well-known financial services provider. WesBank has a variety of products to choose from, of which insurance is just one. In the insurance category, they offer personal insurance, business insurance coverage as well as vehicle insurance.

    The Car Insurance Offered by WesBank

    Most companies offer three different types of car insurance:

    1. Third party cover only
    2. Third party + Fire and Theft
    3. Comprehensive coverWesbank Car Insurance

    WesBank is one of the few car insurers that only offers Comprehensive Cover. This includes damages to your vehicle, damages to a third party and their property, natural disasters, as well as theft and hijackings. As the name states, this is the most comprehensive type of cover you can get for your vehicle. There are also some additional types of cover you can include with WesBank’s comprehensive policy:

    • SMART Streamline – As your vehicle gets older it will start to get some minor scratches and dents. This addon will cover the maintenance costs to repair these.
    • CourtesyCar – Get a courtesy car when yours is in for repairs or stolen.
    • Warranty – Your car can be under warranty for 12 or 24 months. If during this time, you have a mechanical breakdown, then this addon will cover the labour as well as the costs of the parts.

    If you are interested in the insurance products offered by WesBank, you can go directly to their website at www.wesbank.co.za. Here you will be able to get quotes or get in contact with someone who can give you more information about their products.

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