List of Least and Most Hijacked Cars in South Africa

It is no secret that South Africa has one of the highest carjacking rates in the world. In 2017 there was an average of 46 reported hijackings per day! [1] In February 2017, the vehicle tracking company Ctrack released a report in which they revealed the hijacking statistics for different car brands for the year […]

Top 12 Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Get Rejected

The ombudsman for short-term insurance in South Africa gets more than 10,000 complaints a year, where around 50% of them are car insurance related. So, we wanted to know, why are so many of the car insurance claims getting rejected?   Businesstech did an interview with the ombudsman for short-term insurance in South Africa, asking […]


Wat is Motorversekering? Motorversekering is ‘n versekeringspolis wat uitgeneem word met die doel om jou eie voertuig en/of die eiendom van ‘n derde party te beskerm. Meeste versekeringsmaatskappye bied drie polisse aan naamlik: Omvattende Motorversekering Derde party alleenlik Derde party, brand-en-diefstal dekking Omvattende Versekering Hierdie polis dek meeste skade aan u voertuig. Dit sluit in […]

King Price Car Insurance

About King Price King Price Insurance company is becoming more and more popular these days. You hear about them on the TV and radio and ever read about them in the newspapers. The reason for this is that they claim to give some pretty competitive rates when it comes to insurance, and more specifically, car […]