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OUTsurance Car Insurance in South Africa

  • OUTsurance is well-known in South Africa for their phrase “You always get something out!”. This is because they offer 10% of your car insurance premiums back to you if you do not claim in a three-year period. Other benefits they provide include:

    • Free roadside assistance
    • 12 Months guaranteed premiums (even if you claim)
    • Low fixed excess
    • Quick claim settlement – 90% of windscreen claims are approved within 20 minutes, and 70% of other claims are approved within two days.
    • Hail damage is included standard
    • SmartDrive is an app that records your driving habits. If your driving habits are good, you can save up to 25% on your monthly premiums.

    OUTsurance Policies

    There are two car insurance policies offered by OUTsurance:

    Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Comprehensive cover will cover most aspects like:

    • Acts of nature
    • Fire
    • Theft/Hijack
    • Smash and grab
    • Bumper bashes
    • Intentional damage by another party
    • Third party liability cover of up to R5 mil

    Essential Car Insurance (Limited Cover)

    This policy is more limited thank comprehensive cover and will include

    • Accidental cover (up to 40% of the retail value of the vehicle)
    • Theft
    • Third party liability of up to R1 mil

    The claims for this option will always be paid out in cash, so you are in charge of the repair process.

    Extras You Can Include in Your Cover

    • Sound equipment coverage
    • OUT-in-Africa, which will protect you outside of the country
    • Car hire
    • LifeProtector, which will pay out in the event of death, disability, retrenchment or critical illness.


    If you are interested in this excellent service from OUTsurance, please visit their website and use their online quotes calculator to determine the monthly price you will pay. You can also call them directly on 08 600 60000.

    If you require more information about car insurance and your options, go here. We also provide a list of popular car insurers, which you can find here.

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