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Unity Car Insurance

  • Unity is an insurance company that offers various car insurance products in South Africa, which include the following:

    • Vehicle Warranty – When your vehicle suffers from an electrical or mechanical breakdown, you will be covered Unity will get it fixed for you.
    • Scratch and Dent – This policy provides unlimited claims for minor scratches, dents, and chips. You also have a license protection option, where Unity will handle the renewal of your license.
    • Rim and Tyre Guard – This policy protects your rims and tyres in the event that you hit a pothole. You also have a fines protect option, where Unity will notify you of your fines and give you an easy way to pay them (with discount). This also includes legal assistance for fines.
    • Motor Combo – This includes all of the mentioned products in one policy.

    Tyre Protection

    These plans are extremely affordable. If you are looking for more information, please visit www.unity.co.za.

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