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Standard Bank Car and Home Insurance

  • For 35 years Standard Bank has offered excellent financial products to South Africans. They now provide the option to get up to 7 car and home content insurance quotes from leading insurers in South Africa. Their friendly and reliable staff will assist you through the whole process.

    Car Insurance

    There are usually three car insurance options to choose from:

    1. Third Party: This is the cheapest option of the three and only covers damage or injury to others. Your vehicle will not be included, not even in the event of fire or theft.
    2. Third Party + Fire and Theft: The cover is the same as Third Party cover, but your vehicle will be covered in the event of fire or theft.
    3. Comprehensive Cover: This is the most comprehensive plan one can get. You are covered against accidents, fire, and theft. Third party claims, where you are liable for damage or losses, will also be included.

    Home Insurance

    There are two main types of insurance for your home:

    1. Homeowners Insurance: This will cover the physical structure of your homes like the walls, fences, garages, and gates. You are protected against fire and theft, natural disasters and explosions and lightning.
    2. Home Contents Insurance: This will cover all of the items in your house. This can be everything from furniture and portraits, to carpets. The repair or replacement costs will be covered in the event of theft, fire, or other natural disasters.

    If you are interested in getting car and home insurance quotes from Standard Bank, please visit their website directly at https://www.standardbank.co.za, or visit your nearest branch.

    For more information about car insurance, go here, or see a list of all car insurance companies here.

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