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Why Having Business Insurance in South Africa is so Important

  • Most of us have some personal insurance policy to protect us against any financial risks we might incur. Did you know that you can also get insurance for various aspects of your business? By having a business insurance policy, you can ensure you don’t have any unforeseen or unexpected expenses that can cause your business to lose a lot of money. These can include costs due to accidental damage, natural disasters, accidents due to human error, or even lawsuits.

    What Types of Business Policies are Available?

    • General or Professional Indemnity Insurance – It sometimes happens that you as a business owner gets into legal trouble due to negligence or malpractice. This kind of policy protects you financially against lawsuits that could occur.
    • Public Liability Cover – There are many possible scenarios where a third party can get sick or hurt because in your building, or because of a product you are selling. These policies cover legal fees and medical expenses if something like this might happen.
    • Property or Building Insurance – Just like a personal home insurance policy, commercial property insurance protects the contents of your building against theft or damage due to natural disasters. Building insurance covers the structure of the building.
    • Income Protection Policies – It sometimes happens that your business will not run as it should. This can be due to many things, like fire or other natural disasters, property damage, shut downs and so forth. By having income protection, you can ensure you still get an income even if your company is not able to run.
    • Commercial Vehicle Cover – Vehicle insurance is nothing new, these policies cover your commercial vehicles against fire or theft, or third-party claims. With commercial cover, it is possible to insure many different drivers.
    • Workers Compensation Coverage – Like public liability insurance, workers compensation covers your employees. This can be in the event of injury or any health conditions they develop during the time they are employed by you.
    • PC or Laptop Policies – These days, many businesses require computers to function or run automatically. As many things can go wrong with computers, this is something most businesses relying on computers, should consider.
    • Uber Insurance – When transporting passengers, a normal car insurance policy will not provide adequate cover. It is important to have a policy that will cover your passengers as well.

    Companies That Offer Business Insurance

    Getting Quotes

    These are just a few of the business policies available to South African business owners. There are many more, but it is recommended that you speak to a consultant that will analyze the needs of your specific company. This can be done by requesting business insurance quotes on this page. By doing this, you will receive a call from a consultant that will provide you all the necessary information and rates. He/she will also all the questions you may have.

    We hope you found this article informative and that it has helped you on your journey to find the best insurance for your business.


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