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Extended Motor Warranty

  • Extended motor warranty should not be confused with car insurance, as it does not cover accidental vehicle damage. What it does cover is the cost of repairs when your vehicle breaks down due to a mechanical or electrical problem. Such a policy is only valid for a specific time period, or a number of kilometers.

    An Extended Service Plan covers the costs of services when your service plan has expired. This usually includes oil change and filters, spark plugs, air and fuel filters, etc.

    These are great policies to have, especially if you feel that the cost of servicing and repairing your vehicle is getting too expensive. Some of the South African companies that offer these policies are:

    • Hollard
    • SA Warranties
    • Motorite
    • Liquid Capital
    • Motor Engage
    • Motor Happy
    • Bidvest

    If you are interested in one of these plans, feel free to request a quote from the different companies by completing the simple form on this page.

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