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1Life Insurance

  • Everyone wants only the best for their children. A safe home, a good education and to have a family of their own one day. Would all of this be possible if something where to happen to you? Would they be able to survive when you are not their to support them financially? Get protected financially by getting life insurance!

    Why Get Covered by 1Life?

    • You can get up to R10 million in life cover over the phone.
    • Up to 10 people can receive financial support when you pass away.
    • Only an HIV test is required, no other medical check-ups needed.
    • Your monthly premiums will not increase within the first 2 years.
    • A R50 000 funeral benefit is available immediately to help cover your funeral costs. Terms and conditions apply.

    If you are interested in one of the fantastic products from 1Life, click here for a free quote, or speak to your financial adviser.

    Click here for 1Life’s contact details.

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