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Car Insurance

The rates for car insurance in South Africa might be expensive, but it is essential that you are covered. Think about this for a moment, would you be able to cover the costs if something might happen to your vehicle? Even worse, would you be able to cover the expenses of another person’s property if you caused any damage to it with your car? These are things to consider before deciding that you will go without car insurance.

insurance costsGetting the Right Car Insurance Policy

First of all, you should decide what kind of car insurance policy you will need. Not all plans are the same, and policies and their premiums will differ from one insurer to another. Most companies offer these three policies:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This policy is the most comprehensive type of car insurance. It covers most accidents like road accidents, accidental damage due to hail or fire, theft, as well as damages you may have caused to a third party or their property.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This policy covers accidental damage to another person’s car or other property. Accidental damage to your vehicle will not be covered, only if it is due to fire. Theft and hijackings are also included.

Third Party Cover Only

As with the last mentioned policy, this policy will cover damage to a third party’s property. It will, however not cover damage due to fire or theft. This policy is usually the least expensive, but you have to keep in mind that your vehicle is not covered. This is ideal if your car isn’t very expensive, but you want to cover a third party, should you get into an accident.

Additional Types of Car Cover

There are several additional types of cover you can get for your vehicle. Not all companies offer these types of cover, and some of the insurers have them included in their primary policies. Here are a few of them:

Scratch and Dent Cover

This will cover the repair of all minor scratches and dents on your car.

Tyre and Mag Coverage

This will cover your tyres and mags when it gets damaged by potholes.

Windscreen Damage Cover

This covers damage to your windows or windscreens.

Roadside Assistance and Towing

When your car breaks down on the road, you will have free roadside assistance and towing if you need it.

Extended Warranty

This is not additional cover, but something I will mention here. You can get extended warranty or service plans for your vehicle to ensure you do not have to pay for the future services.

Sound Cover

If you have installed an audio system into your car, it will be covered if stolen.

Disability Cover

If you got disabled in an accident, which affected your ability to work and provide an income, this policy would protect you financially.

Lost Key Cover

Should you lose your car’s key or remote, this will cover the costs for replacement.key cover

What Will Affect Your Premiums?

auto insurance coverageSeveral things will affect your monthly premiums, and different companies will determine your premiums differently. Here are some of the things they may take into consideration:

  • The type of cover you have
  • The kind of vehicle you drive
  • The cost of your car
  • The mileage your car has driven
  • The distance you drive on a monthly basis
  • The security you have in place
  • The age of your vehicle
  • The age and driving experience of the driver
  • The location you park your car during day and nighttime
  • Your excess amount
  • Your gender
  • Your driving history
  • Your credit score
  • Your profession
  • If you cover the regular driver of the vehicle or any person with a drivers license
  • The popularity of your car (this has a direct correlation to the risk of hijacking or theft)

Insurance Excess – What is it?

quotations for vehicle insuranceExcess is the additional amount you will have to pay when you claim from your insurance company. You usually get to choose your excess, and you will see that a higher excess will result in lower monthly premiums, but a lower excess will result in higher premiums. Because of this, people tend to choose a higher excess, but this is not always the best option.

Think about it this way; let’s say you have the option to choose from one of two excess amounts, an amount of R2000 or one of R5000. An excess of R2000 will mean that your monthly premiums will be higher, but when you claim from your insurance, you will have to pay them an additional amount of R2000 and not R5000. It is much easier to get R2000 in the event of an emergency than it is to get R5000, although the excess of R5000 will result in lower monthly insurance premiums.

Sometimes you even have to decide if it is worth it to claim from your insurer when you have a very high excess amount. Let’s say you choose an excess amount of R5000. Now you bump your car into an obstacle, and the damage costs R3000 to repair. In this scenario, it wouldn’t even be worth it to claim from your insurer. You can rather pay the R3000 the fix the damage yourself than pay the insurance company the R5000 excess.

How to Get Quotes

There are several ways to acquire car insurance quotes.

Comparing Quotes from Different Companies

You can go to each of the car insurance companies in South Africa and ask them for a quotation.

Comparing Car Insurance Using an Online Quote Aggregator

Additionally, you can use a car insurance aggregator like Hippo or InsurAcar which will provide you with different car insurance quotes from different insurers.

Quote Request Process

Step 1: Visit the quote request page here.

Step 2: Enter your first name and surname and click “next”.

Step 3: Enter your email address and click “next”.

Step 4: Finally enter your cellphone number, gender and preferred language and click on “Get Quotes”.

You will now be called with information about about different policies and rates from different insurers.

How to Choose the Best Company

Based on Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

South African DriverWhen you have received quotations from different companies, do not necessarily select the company with the lowest rates. Be sure to check what is covered in their policies, as one plan may seem cheaper, but it is because it does not cover everything the next company’s plan does.

Based on Company or Policy Reviews

Be sure to read the reviews of companies on HelloPeter or similar websites. Remember, these sites exist for people to complain about companies, and many people do not leave reviews when they have a positive experience. This is because everyone believes that they should always receive exceptional service, and therefore they do not praise it when they get it.

Single reviews should not affect your final decision, but when there are many complaints about a company does not answer their phones, for example, it should raise a red flag.


As you can see, there are many factors you have to keep into consideration when comparing car insurance quotes or choosing a policy and a company to insure with. Take it one step at a time, and you will soon see that some companies always stand out due to their premiums and exceptional customer service. Good luck in your search, we hope you have learned a few things from this article!

Read more about this topic here.

Car Insurance South Africa

Car Insurance South Africa

South Africa currently offers a whole variety of car insurance companies, how do you know which one is the best, while still the most affordable?  Compare car insurance in South Africa by completing the form on the right-hand side of this page, or buy visiting our quotation page here. A consultant will then call you back with quotes from various companies and even some special offers or discounts they have to offer.  We offer this service to our visitors with no risk or obligation, so they can go on with their daily routine.

Tips in Finding the Best Car Insurance Companies in South Africa

car insurance south africaCar insurance companies are companies that offer auto insurance to the public, especially car owners. These companies may be selling insurance policies directly to the individual or through a source.  Car insurance companies are usually composed of trusted and competent car insurance agents that specializes in car insurance industry and all other things related to buying and selling of car insurance policies. Since a car provides a substantial standard in people’s life, it is suggested that people must maintain and protect their cars by means of committing to the best car insurance company that provides quality service.

It is best that a car insurance company must possess a good background in order to persuade lots of individuals to purchase their insurance policies. It is also wise to choose the car insurance company that will provide you with the perfect coverage for your vehicle. There are lots of car insurance companies that will provide you with the most affordable and most appropriate vehicle coverage for you.

There are lots of car insurance companies operating in South Africa today, therefore proper practice and knowledge must be adopted. There are helpful tips that can be referred to in search for the best insurance company that stands out among the rest. One helpful tip is to visit trusted sites and be able to explore and compare each and every company then determine which company provides the most suitable packages, budget and choose the best one that will provide you with what you need.

Looking for the cheapest car insurance company will be of great help. Choosing a cheap car insurance company does not necessarily mean that you are sacrificing the quality instead it’s more of a practical move. You do not have to spend millions just to avail for car insurance because there are still cheap car insurance that is equally beneficial.

Except for online comparison when in search for the best insurance company, other recommended tips in choosing the best insurance company are knowing the car insurance agents you plan to work with, comparing benefits offered by car insurance companies, determining objectives and understanding the value or importance of the coverage to you. Before committing or signing for a car insurance policy agreement, make sure that you are well aware of the benefits as well as the pros and cons of choosing the car insurance company that you prefer.

In choosing the best car insurance company, it is very important to commit extra effort in finding the right coverage by gathering sufficient and relevant information about the car insurance company.  Finding the best car insurance provider will also help. Be able to check licenses because an ideal car insurance company must have the licensed to sell insurance.  Dealing with licensed and trusted car insurance company will give you pace of mind and ultimate security for you and your car as well. Considering car insurance companies that offer discounts will bring no harm but people must be aware that these companies at times offer high rates or charges.

Car Insurance Quotes Online

Car Insurance Quotes Online

In the current day in which there is an increasing rate of accidents and change in the modes of living, together with all the additional prepared insurance, car insurance quotes online becomes an important feature in order to keep people safe from the risks linked to a vehicle. If you also wish to stay safe and protected from these risk, then do not hesitate to get your own car insurance.

However, there is no need for you to further worry as there are many different websites that you can go through in which you may learn how you can get cheap car insurance, without having to affect your expenses. The websites might provide you the affordable car insurance updates and online quotes in order for you to attain a suggestion with regards to cheap car insurance. With the assistance of these websites, the affordable quotes for car insurance could be sent to your email fulfilling your individual requirement. The greatest thing with regards to receiving affordable car insurance means that these companies themselves will bid you the best quote.

car insurance quotes online

After you have successfully done this, it is completely depending on you to pick from wherever you want to. By looking into some information online you will be able to discover and tell details such as types, requirement, rates and other important tips in order to acquire the most affordable car insurance. The fastest way for you to get that reasonably priced car insurance is to go about each corner of the website in which you could make some comparisons on their rates and be able to quote them. Aside from this, it is very important that you make some consideration of the feature you like to add up within the financial statement of your car insurance.

Getting an affordable quote doesn’t actually do the work, you may also want to look for the features that you can afford to pay for and then consider if they are beneficial to you and your car, which will probably lead to your car insurance means. There are various techniques in which you may find in the means of your car insurance. Many discount schemes are available out there for every group of individuals such as, student, old driver, government employee and many more, which you may figure out so easily, if what you are looking for is the means of your car insurance.

One of the most effective ways for finding in the means of your motor insurance is by comparing the rates on similar company. It will even be greater if you’ll get a contact with the company that you presently have your insurance. If you are paying for a budget vehicle insurance online, keep in mind that you will be able to get most from it like you want to. This only means that an agent online will be delivering you a budget vehicle insurance provided with guaranteed factors, even if it is quite expensive, yet it will surely provide you wonders. Few important factors which you must be observing while getting some financial plan motor insurance include reliability, effectiveness and promptness.  Go and get your free car insurance quotes online today!

How to Get Affordable Car Insurance

Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is a requirement for each car owner even though it could be extremely expensive. Thus, if you are on search of an approach in order to minimize your expenditures and still acquire the protection you need, lucky for you as there are particular things that you may do.

Cheap car insuranceThe very first thing that you have to accomplish is to make a research about all the companies that offer cheap car insurance within the area you are living at. The offered rates might vary based on the company you will use. These companies will surely offer different rates. It is rare that you would find several companies with similar offered rates. Their rates may vary in accordance to the car you wish to insure as well as the location you live at. In fact, these rates remain on changing, and thus it is a great idea if you search for a good deal every year.

If you are seeking for the insurance company, make sure that you check their corresponding offered quotes for as many as possible. You can certainly find several cheap car insurance quotes online, so you need to keep on looking up until you find the one the offers the cheapest car insurance. When looking for discounts, it is a better idea that you insure your automobiles along with your home with only one company. This is mainly for the reason that insurance companies would provide much better rates to those customers who purchase their car insurance and at the same time their home insurance from similar company.

Before purchasing a vehicle, it is important that you request a car insurance quote. By doing this you will be provided with the better idea and would be able to easily conclude a decision when selecting a certain model of a car. The model of the vehicle plays an important role in the rates of the insurance since the insurance companies identify the rates being paid based on the amount you will be spending on the vehicle.

Acquiring for an extended policy will enable you to gain benefit from the rates of cheap car insurance on the automobile insurance. In addition, you will also have the chance to save more if you decide to pay for such policy forthright rather than making the monthly installments. If in case you need to pay the extended policy within installments, then you must have them directly deducted from the existing bank account you have in order for you to avoid from making fee payments. This will probably give you the chance to get cheap car insurance.

The rates of your car insurance could be trim down as well if you will get an advanced course for driving. You may inquire with regards to this aspect from the automobile insurance company which you are presently working with before enrolling for such courses.

Why You Need Car Insurance

Car CoverIf you have a car and you are the one who is driving it then, you should get your car insured. This car insurance will not only help you get paid on the possible damages, but also for the liability of the injuries you might incur and for others as well. Since it is a necessity for you to hold it, it is important that you become familiar of the ways to ensure you are acquiring the best possible rates. Yes, it is helpful that you go for cheap car insurance however, instead of going with the most affordable policy, you must look into the ways how you can get discounts from the policies you desire. The best car insurance is still much better from affordable car insurance.

Don’t allow your job seem so thrilling or risky. This might sound so odd, yet professionals of insurance are provided with list of careers on low- and high-risk. This is derived from the data of involved people in car accidents along with what occupations they have. For example, it is less likely for engineers to get into a wreck as compared to promotion specialists and the insurance companies would tend to charge higher for the careers on high-risk.

Indeed, it depends upon your choice to remain your driver’s record clean. Hence, it is essential if you check you record at least once per year in order to be sure that your record is precise and at the same time updated. If in case, you will find something which you think you should get rid of, then make sure to have a contact with the right authorities. This could surely save you great deal of cash.

However, if you really wish to save, you must consider the type of vehicle you are driving. Those people who are driving some sports cars are said to be much exposed to accidents as compared to the ones who are driving standard station wagon or sedan. These things are important for you to consider because successfully doing them will already save you money and rather consider them as cheap car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive vehicle insurance, or sometimes also referred to as fully comprehensive car insurance, is considered the highest car insurance level. It gives the same cover like third party insurance. However, it provides additional extras. With this is insurance, you are protected against damage, injury, accident even if it is your fault why the case happened. So, what are the other things that it covers?

Watch the video below for a quick explanaition

So, what does this type of insurance cover?

Typically, comprehensive vehicle insurance covers motorists for damaged or loss caused by theft, fire or attempted theft. If someone is killed or hurt due to the damage or loss of an insured vehicle is also covered by this insurance. But, sometimes, it may depend on your chosen policy. Other things that are covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance are vandalism, riot, and natural disasters such as hailstorms, floods, wind damages, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.Comprehensive Car Insurance

What are the costs involved?

The price of car vehicle insurance may vary depending on insurers, but normally, availing this kind of insurance also means incurring a costly premium. That is the reason why you need to be familiar first with the exclusions, terms and conditions written on your policy. It is vital not to fall into traps. Therefore, better choose one of  the best insurance companies around. When claiming, you will be obliged by your insurer to pay for compulsory excess if you are the one that caused the accident. You can also pay for the voluntary excess if you want to lower down the cost of your premium. Or, you may ask for some options from your insurer to experience great savings.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits you can enjoy from availing comprehensive vehicle insurance. For instance, if your car have been damaged and needed full repairs, your insurer can give you courtesy car. You have to keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer this benefit. So, read your policy if courtesy car is included. Some insurance policies don’t cover almost everything that can happen to your car. For instance, wear and tear or regular maintenance is not covered. This means your insurer will not be there to cover the cost of your regular maintenance.

Another benefit of getting comprehensive is that it can cover all the cost of your stolen car. Thus, if your insured car is a victim of theft, then, you don’t have to worry of everything because you can always have a new car immediately. No matter what price your stolen car is, your insurer will provide you the money to get a replacement for it. This is the reason why some car owners take risk to avail this insurance.

“Small claim” is the term called to accidents that have not affect your car tremendously. These claims are not offered and covered by some policies of insurance company. Nevertheless, other companies can offer you these claims, but it depends on your excess.

Final Words

If you like to insure your vehicle for all eventualities, getting comprehensive vehicle insurance is a good idea. This can protect you to almost all incidents. That is why some car owners choose this level of auto  insurance instead of other levels that have limited coverage. Unfortunately, this is not cheap as others expected. Since it covers various things, its premium rate is also high. But, don’t lose hope because there are tons of insurance companies that can offer cheap rate. So, where can you find these insurance companies? You can find them easily. With available resources in the market, there is no way that you won’t find a company that deserves your transaction.

car imageIf you want to save more time, look for an insurance company online. Never choose the first company you have seen while you’re searching. Find other insurance companies and compare them. Never pay attention to companies that have hidden cost on their premium rates. The reason why some premiums are costly is because some insurance companies have additional fees. If you have encountered this company, don’t ever spend your time and money to them because they will just waste it. If you don’t know what company is ideal for you, you may ask your friend has already availed comprehensive car insurance. This can help you seek for the best one.

Once you have chosen the best one, meet one of their representatives and tell them your needs for your comprehensive cover. You can negotiate the cost of premium rates with them if you want to save money. Because your target is cheap comprehensive vehicle insurance, see to it that your chosen assurance company is reliable and won’t offer you low quality services.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance may be expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run and can offer you numerous benefits. Just ensure that before you sign a contract with your chosen insurance company, you have read the terms and conditions in the policy provided for you to have clear thoughts about the things involved in your claims.

Car Insurance Companies

Car Insurance Companies

The cost of fuel is on the rise by the day, but did you experience the huge costs of fixing a car after an accident?  It can be extremely expensive to fix a broken car.  This is why there are so many car insurance companies – they are there to help you with finances in case something might happen to you.  You wouldn’t want to be driving without being covered by one.

What Is The Significance Of Automobile Cover?

It is a contract between you and the policy holder, which provide you with the money to settle expenses with regarding to your vehicle, motorcycle, trucks etc.  When you are covered by an auto insurance company, you do not need to worry about huge amount of money to pay out of your pocket.  Your company would pay the biggest amount or everything that needs to be paid, and saving you all the stress.  These auto insurance policies look out for the people.


Things that auto insurance companies cover:

  • Any damages caused by accidents
  • Injured passengers
  • When your automobile is stolen
  • Arson
  • When the mobile needs a service
  • Any extra accessories (it is an option)


The different types of coverage:

There are 3 types of policy packages that you can choose from, namely:

  • Comprehensive motor cover

If you are a casual, everyday driver, this will be the most suitable option.

  • Third Party – fire or theft

When damages are caused by theft and fire, and the replacement value of the car is very low.

  • Third Party only

Drivers can only choose this package when their vehicles are paid off.


A Few Well-known Car Insurance Companies In South Africa


  • Santam

  • Hollard

  • OUTsurance

  • Budget

  •  AA

  • Momentum

  • Alexander forbes

  • 1st For Women

  • Virgin

  • Dial Direct

  • King Price

  • Unity

  • Auto And General

For a more complete list, click here.

These are just a few reliable car insurance brokers in South Africa, but there are many other additional insurers that offer coverage at different monthly rates.  Thus you will have to find the most likable automobile coverage for yourself.


How To Search For Vehicle Insurance Policies?

Before searching, there are factors people should consider – like how much you will be able to pay for a monthly premium and what you want covered. Then compare a few car insurance quotes online. This is very easy to do.  The reason people should do this is because some companies will pay less out in case of claims and charge higher payment rates.  You might benefit at the end from the one you choose.  It is crucial to do all the necessary research and shop around for the most affordable insurer.

Just by filling in all your details in the information box, a professional agent will get back to you with the best deals out there.  These agents will have all the details that you need to start comparing the different car insurance quotes and finding the one that you favour most at cheap monthly premiums.



You do not know what the future holds, and emergencies might be around the corner. A good tip is to get covered and be at rest knowing you are provided for in case of trouble. Remember, this will benefit you and your family, and keep your financial growth save.  Make the right choice and don’t drive without insurance!


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