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  • About Dial Direct Car Insurance

    Dial Direct is an insurance company that was established about 13 years, and their main goal was to cut out the middleman with insurance policies. From then, their goal became to cut out uncertainty in insurance. They believe that you should not feel uncertain about something that is designed to make you feel at ease, like insurance.

    Dial Direct offers the following car insurance policies:

    1. Comprehensive Cover – This policy covers the most aspects, including natural disasters and damage to your vehicle, as well as third-party damages.
    2. Comprehensive Off-road Cover – Includes all aspects of comprehensive cover.
    3. Third-party, Theft & Fire – This cover damages to a third-party and damage or loss due to fire or theft.
    4. Third-party only – If damage someone’s property, the damages will be covered and any related medical costs.

    Why Get Insurance from DialDirect.co.za?

    1. The main reason people get insurance from Dialdirect is that they always know what they are signing up for – they have complete clarity about their policy.
    2. With Dialdirect’s mobile app, you can get up to 75% cash back every month.
    3. Get 500MB free data when you get a policy with Dial Direct.
    4. Manage your entire policy online 24/7. Here you can update important information and even add/remove items from your policy.
    5. With Express Claims, you can get same-day turnaround when claiming.
    6. No need to take your car to an inspection center, you can use your phone to upload photos within a few minutes.
    7. Make use of Easyway to rent vehicles, do inspections and much more!

    Dial Direct Contact Details & Phone Number

    Phone numbers

    • Sales: 0861 007 367
    • 24 Hour Emergency: 0860 911 911
    • Claims & Customer Service: 0861 555 580

    How to Get a Quote or Request More Information

    Just visit their website or call the sales number as mentioned above. A friendly agent will then guide you through the whole process.

    If you want to read more about the different types of car insurance policies, go to this page.

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