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Auto & General Car Insurance

  • Auto and general was founded in 1985 and has been providing a variety of insurance products to South Africans ever since. They have several vehicle insurance options which include the following:

    • Car Insurance
    • Motorcycle Insurance
    • Caravan Insurance
    • Trailer Insurance
    • Watercraft Insurance
    • Off-road Insurance

    Types of Cover Provided by Auto & General

    Here are the available car insurance options:

    Comprehensive Cover

    A comprehensive plan will cover most aspects of driving, including damage to your vehicle and damage third party damages. Auto and General’s policy also include the following:

    • Towing and Storage: Do not pay extra fees when your vehicle is towed or stored at a safe facility, just call the Auto & General towline.
    • Accidental Damage: The repair costs for accidental damage to your vehicle will be covered. If your car is a write-off, replacement costs will be covered.
    • Theft and Hijacking: Be covered when your vehicle is stolen.
    • 3rd Party Injuries: Should you cause injury or even death to another person, you will be covered.
    • 3rd Party Property: If you cause damage to another person’s property, your policy will cover you.
    • Option to increase 3rd party cover: If you are not happy with the amount you are covered for, you can simply increase your coverage.
    • Accessory Cover: Any accessories fitted to your vehicle will be covered (up to the total your vehicle is insured for).

    Third Party Fire & Theft Cover

    You will be covered against the following:

    • Theft and Hijacking
    • 3rd Party Property
    • Option to increase 3rd party cover

    Third Party Only Cover

    If your vehicle is fully paid off or has a low replacement value, this option will at least cover the damages to someone else’s property. It is the cheapest option and includes the following:

    • 3rd Party Property
    • Option to increase 3rd party cover

    Why it is Important to be Covered

    Many people, especially new drivers, stress a lot when they get into a car. This is because they worry about the things that can go wrong. Many times, this affects their driving ability negatively. By being insured, you can relax behind the steering wheel knowing that if anything should go wrong, you are covered.

    What is BetterCar Value Insurance?

    If your car is written off, Auto & General will replace it not only with the same car but with a one year newer model. This means that it will have fewer kilometers on the clock.

    Additional Value Added Products

    Here are some of the additional value-added products that are offered by Auto & General:

    • Scratch and Dent Cover
    • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
    • Tyre and Rim Protection
    • Legal Cover
    • Cellphone Insurance
    • Funeral Plan
    • Accidental Cover

    How to Get Covered

    There are several ways to get covered. You can visit their website at www.autogen.co.za and request a quote, call their new customer sales number on 0861 00 73 20, or complete the Auto and General form provided on this page.

    We hope you found this article useful, all of the best in your hunt for car insurance! To see a list of all car insurance providers, visit this link.

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