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Car Insurance Companies

Car Insurance Companies

The cost of fuel is on the rise by the day, but did you experience the huge costs of fixing a car after an accident?  It can be extremely expensive to fix a broken car.  This is why there are so many car insurance companies – they are there to help you with finances in case something might happen to you.  You wouldn’t want to be driving without being covered by one.

What Is The Significance Of Automobile Cover?

It is a contract between you and the policy holder, which provide you with the money to settle expenses with regarding to your vehicle, motorcycle, trucks etc.  When you are covered by an auto insurance company, you do not need to worry about huge amount of money to pay out of your pocket.  Your company would pay the biggest amount or everything that needs to be paid, and saving you all the stress.  These auto insurance policies look out for the people.

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Things that auto insurance companies cover:

  • Any damages caused by accidents
  • Injured passengers
  • When your automobile is stolen
  • Arson
  • When the mobile needs a service
  • Any extra accessories (it is an option)


The different types of coverage:

There are 3 types of policy packages that you can choose from, namely:

  • Comprehensive motor cover

If you are a casual, everyday driver, this will be the most suitable option.

  • Third Party – fire or theft

When damages are caused by theft and fire, and the replacement value of the car is very low.

  • Third Party only

Drivers can only choose this package when their vehicles are paid off.


A Few Well-known Car Insurance Companies In South Africa


  • Santam

  • Hollard

  • OUTsurance

  • Budget

  •  AA

  • Momentum

  • Alexander forbes

  • 1st For Women

  • Virgin

  • Dial Direct

  • King Price

  • Unity

  • Auto And General

For a more complete list, click here.

These are just a few reliable car insurance brokers in South Africa, but there are many other additional insurers that offer coverage at different monthly rates.  Thus you will have to find the most likable automobile coverage for yourself.


How To Search For Vehicle Insurance Policies?

Before searching, there are factors people should consider – like how much you will be able to pay for a monthly premium and what you want covered. Then compare a few car insurance quotes online. This is very easy to do.  The reason people should do this is because some companies will pay less out in case of claims and charge higher payment rates.  You might benefit at the end from the one you choose.  It is crucial to do all the necessary research and shop around for the most affordable insurer.

Just by filling in all your details in the information box, a professional agent will get back to you with the best deals out there.  These agents will have all the details that you need to start comparing the different car insurance quotes and finding the one that you favour most at cheap monthly premiums.



You do not know what the future holds, and emergencies might be around the corner. A good tip is to get covered and be at rest knowing you are provided for in case of trouble. Remember, this will benefit you and your family, and keep your financial growth save.  Make the right choice and don’t drive without insurance!


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